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Eyelash Growth Conditioner

RevitaLash Advanced is the brand’s unique eyelash conditioner that is designed to enhance thin or weak eyelashes and transform them into the luxuriously natural eyelashes of your dreams. With an intriguing viscous texture that prevents the product from running, once applied the RevitaLash Advanced will stay on lashes all day. 

The innovation of RevitaLash Advance eyelash conditioner lies in its comprehensive formulation. Packed with a signature complex, conditioning ingredients, and botanicals, the gentle on skin and non-irritating formula of the RevitaLash helps it deliver its superior performance. Starting with a Biotin Peptin Complex, this blend of biotin, green tea extract, peptides, and lipids work with the RevitaLash Advanced to provide conditioning and strength. The inclusion of botanicals ginseng and swertia japonica help the RevitaLash revitalize eyelashes and protect them from environmental conditions. The remaining ingredients of the RevitaLash Advanced formula include Saw Palmetto and Wheat Protein, both high in amino and fatty acids that promote shine and smoothness to lashes. The RevitaLash Advanced continues its performance by containing a power antimicrobial agent that works within the eyelash conditioner to prevent bacterial growth and allow for multiple uses of the applicator brush. As if this robust RevitaLash formulation isn’t enough, RevitaLash Advanced is clinically tested, hypoallergenic and backed by its dermatologist and ophthalmologist reviews. This result is one fabulous conditioning product that will work for all skin types and is safe for eyes.

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